Literature Inspires STEM Involvement

Is has been said that reading is the centerpiece of intellectual development in all disciplines. Educational researchers are continuously looking for ways to integrate science with language and literacy skills, so as to increase involvement of students in STEM fields. Our instructors occasionally incorporate storybooks, elementary chapter books and young adult fiction into our curriculum as a way of exposing camp participants to a variety of STEM topics. This summer we are celebrating all things Katniss with the launch of our Panem Uprising: The Science of The Hunger Games camp! Our tributes spent the week learning about climate change, genetic engineering, outdoor survival and GPS- all as they relate to The Hunger Games. 

Summer camp is no place for Muggles! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is educating the next generation of wizards in charms, herbology, potions and astronomy. Muggle Magic: The Science of Harry Potter explores the chemistry of troll boogers, magical plants of Hogwarts, the taste genetics of every flavor beans and the physics of Quidditch!

We have several upcoming camps that incorporate the magic of storybooks and chapter books for all ages. If you have a passionate reader that also enjoys exploring STEM subjects, check out these options for an awesome summer camp experience: