Engaging Girls in STEM

Two of the most powerful determinants of whether or not a female pursues a career in the sciences is whether or not the proper educational groundwork has been laid for a successful path and whether anyone encourages her along the way. Here at Science Discovery we are passionate about encouraging girls to break out of common stereotypes and explore topics that are unfamiliar to them. We make every effort to offer diverse camps for students of all ages in order to get them hooked on science, technology, engineering and math as soon as possible in their educational careers. This year we developed a suite of nine Girls in STEM summer camps. Here are just a few highlights of the girls getting involved in a variety of STEM projects:

Coding apps in There’s an App for That!


Testing acids and bases in Chemistry Lab.

Observing her bugs in EcoExplorers.

Discussing her research in Life in Ponds and Streams.


Learning about the properties of popcorn in Science Chefs.


Filming a segment in iMovie.


Showing off her unicorn mask in Mythical Creatures.


Handling a snake in Hands-On Herpetology.