When Science and Art Come Together!

This summer, CU Science Discovery has had the pleasure of working with nine St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) students as part of the Research Experience and Mentoring (REM) pilot program. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the REM program was designed to provide research experiences and mentoring opportunities to STEM students that may ultimately influence their career path. Our student group worked with three SVVSD teachers and two mentors—one STEM Academy graduate slated to attend CU in the fall and one CU undergraduate student from the School of Engineering. The six-week program kicked off with a week of CU Boulder laboratory tours, designed to provide inspiration for the projects they would be working on in the coming weeks. The students were divided into three teams and met daily at the Innovation Center in Longmont to work on projects of their own choosing:

  • The Smart Shirt team designed a shirt using conductive thread and a LilyPad Arduino board that displays a person’s pulse via an LED light on the shirt.
  • The Smart Toy, by the Toy Tech team, is a stuffed animal housing a Raspberry Pi computer that can be programmed to remind children to complete specific tasks.
  • The Flow Visualization team created a standards-based teaching kit for junior high teachers to help them bring scientific fluid concepts to students lacking an interest in science.

Many thanks to all of our CU partners for making these projects possible!

Explaining the inner-workings of the Smart Shirt.


Displaying the functionality of the Smart Shirt. See the LED at the top of the “S”?


Programming the Smart Toy for a demonstration.


The Toy Tech team explaining how the Smart Toy works.


The Flow Visualization team explaining the contents of their teacher kit.


Further explaining the contents and packaging of their kit.