CU Science Discovery is a science education outreach program of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education. Founded in 1983 to heighten young students’ interest in science, CU Science Discovery coordinates an array of programs that connect K-12 students and teachers to current CU science. Each program utilizes CU scientific expertise, equipment, resources and graduate or undergraduate students in order to provide K-12 students and teachers with unique, experiential learning STEM experiences. All programs are designed to be highly interactive and relevant, in order to engage students in the scientific process while connecting them to the science and technology present in their everyday lives.

Through hands-on summer camps and after-school classes, homeschool classes, teacher workshops, school programs, and community outreach events, Science Discovery impacts approximately 30,000 students, teachers and community members throughout Colorado each year.

Bridging STEM Disciplines
CU Science Discovery has its roots in core science disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Many of our first camps, including Rockets for Junior Astronauts, Kids’ Chemistry, and Life in Ponds and Streams, continue to this day to be some of our students’ favorite camps. Over the years, however, Science Discovery has expanded its breadth in order to accommodate student interests and new technologies. Although our core mission remains the same – to heighten students’ interest in science and technology – we now offer programs in fields such as biotechnology, engineering, robotics, film and music, in addition to our classic programs in subjects such as chemistry, astronomy and environmental science.


Grow with Science Discovery
Each year, CU Science Discovery offers hundreds of camps for students ages 5-18. These camps have been carefully selected and designed so that students can explore a variety of STEM content areas and then build on what they have learned as they get older. Science Discovery offers a wide variety of fun and engaging camps that introduce elementary aged students to the excitement of doing hands-on science! Middle school level camps provide more depth and allow students to dive into topics of interest in more detail. Our summer series of intensive High School courses provide talented high school students with the opportunity to work in CU laboratories and explore different STEM careers.

Is your Science Discovery graduate interested in doing more with Science Discovery? Contact us via email to learn more about high school volunteer opportunities!