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21st Century Materials Science: Exploring the Materials that Will Shape the Future

Ongoing | Ages Adult | $55/person On-campus; $65/person School-based


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Modern materials and new manufacturing processes are revolutionizing many of the products and processes we take for granted in the 21st century. From wearable electronics to robotics and small-scale energy production, modern material marvels provide engaging ways for students to learn science content while practicing their science and engineering design skills. This short course is focused on exposing teachers to a wide variety of new materials paired with project and inquiry-based learning activities.

This 5-hour class will:

  • Provide foundational content on materials science, research and upcoming products
  • Demonstrate 3D printing, computer-controlled craft/laser cutters and other fab lab technologies
  • Explore shape memory polymers, plastics and metals, as well as their applications through hands-on activities
  • Model the use of conductive fabrics, flexible LEDs and create our own (inexpensive) conductive paint to take back to the classroom
  • Model project-based, engineering and innovation centered models of teaching
  • Provide time and materials to experiment, develop activities and collaborate


  • Science Discovery Innovation Skills and Technology Short Courses can be held on-campus or at a local school, district, BOCES facility or college
  • Short courses can accommodate teachers, school administrators, aids, other educators and librarians from schools or communities
  • These courses are designed for between 10 and 20 learners
  • This program requires a single room, tables and chairs to accommodate the class size, a screen and access to electricity
  • The CU Science Discovery team will arrive at your school the evening before, or early the morning of programs to set up an extensive set of teaching materials
  • Graduate credit and additional travel fees may apply

For additional information or to begin planning your CU Science Discovery program, please contact Hester Nadel via email or by calling 303.492.8640.