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21st Century Materials

School Year Dates Available | Ages 9-14 | $190; $120 (additional presentations)


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Can you paint a circuit on your desk? Can you print a prototype or new toy? Designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and STEM professionals, this station-based workshop provides learners with the opportunity to explore the materials of the future in a fun and hands-on way! Learners will experiment with conductive paints, fabrics, materials and circuits; play with shape-memory polymers and thermoplastics; design and build mechanical systems with memory metal alloys; and see 3-D printing in action.

Each presentation serves up to 30 students.

Limited grant funds are available to qualifying schools.  Please call for details.

Supports CDE Academic Standards for Physical Science.

Click here to request a Classroom Presentation.

For more information, contact Hester Nadel via email or call 303-492-8640.