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Introduction to 3D Design and Printing for Teachers, Tinkerers, Technologists and Librarians

Ongoing | Ages Adult | $130 for the two-day program


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3D design and printing are revolutionizing how we, and our learners, approach everyday challenges, engineering opportunities and entrepreneurship. Join CU staff for an exciting two-day teacher professional development workshop that will:

  • Train practitioners how to use SketchUp Make and/or SketchUp Pro, including easy-to-follow lesson plans, unique design opportunities and models for problem-based learning projects.
  • Familiarize participants with the technologies and software needed to prepare, edit and scale objects for 3D printing, including STL to G-CODE transfers.
  • Familiarize participants with 3D printing technology, it’s history, background science, math and code, and how to use and troubleshoot 3D printer projects in their classrooms safely.

We will design, create and edit 3D objects with simple software available free to educators; explore ways to integrate 3D/4D printing, computer, polymer and materials science, as well as project based learning into science classrooms. Participating teachers/schools will have the opportunity to borrow a 3D printer for their classroom/school for 1-2 weeks, including all the materials/training needed to successfully implement 3D printing projects. Participating practitioners must have access to and be able to bring a laptop computer to the program, as well as a 250 MB+ flash drive, and be willing to download, install and test new software prior to the workshop.


  • $130.00 for the Two-Day Program: Includes two full-days of professional development, lesson plans and facilitation guide, digital resources and a letter or certificate documenting 15 hours of teacher professional development for district and CDE teacher licensing.
  • Graduate Credit is Available for the March 2017 Course. There is an option to register to receive 0.5 Graduate Teacher Education Credit for participation for an additional $75.00 fee through CU’s division of Continuing Education.
  • Participants must arrive onsite, by 8:45am and plan on attending both days until 5pm.
  • Onsite parking and meals are the responsibility of the participant.

For additional information or to begin planning your CU Science Discovery program, please contact Hester Nadel via email or by calling 303.492.8640.