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All Day Science Fun: Happenin’ Habitats and Flight Club

July 13-17; 9am-4pm | Ages 5-6 | $375

CU Boulder Main Campus

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The first half of each day will be Happenin’ Habitats
Habitats provide a home sweet home to every living creature on Earth! Spend the week exploring habitats of the world including forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands and arctic tundra. We’ll discover what makes habitats so homey, which type of habitat we live in, and how to create our very own backyard wildlife habitat.

The second half of each day will be Flight Club
We’re taking to the skies in a variety of ways in this camp! Join us as we learn how something as heavy as an airplane seems to defy gravity and fly. We’ll make gliders, kites, and other flyers as we learn about Bernoulli’s principle and other laws of physics that help things fly and float.

Please Note: A supervised lunch will be provided between 12-1pm. Please send your child with a sack lunch, two snacks and a water bottle.

Age Policy: Careful consideration is used to determine age levels for all camps. To provide the highest quality experience for all students, it is necessary to adhere to the specified age range for this camp. All participants in this camp are required to have reached their fifth birthday by the first day of camp. No exceptions will be made to this policy.