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Amazing Human Body

June 9-13; 1-4pm | Ages 5-6 | $195

CU Boulder Main Campus

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Did you know that your body has more neurons than there are stars in the Milky Way? Did you know that if you stretched your intestines from end to end, it would be as long as a school bus? Join us to learn some amazing facts as we explore the different systems of the human body. Play a game of Cardiac Four-Square to learn how blood flows through your heart and keeps your body moving. Dive into nutrition and learn how the foods we choose affect our overall health. Curious how our bodies fight off disease and keep us healthy? You’ll know more after an exciting game of Immune System Tag! If you are interested in the human body and how its parts work together to keep you healthy and functioning, this camp is for you!

Age Policy: Careful consideration is used to determine age levels for all camps. To provide the highest quality experience for all students, it is necessary to adhere to the specified age range for this camp. All participants in this camp are required to have reached their fifth birthday by the first day of camp. No exceptions will be made to this policy.