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Electronics Lab: Components, Soldering, Circuits and 21st Century Conductors

Ongoing | Ages Adult | $55/person (On-campus); $65/person School-based


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Transformations of energy, electricity, circuits and electrical components have long been important physical science content in elementary through high school grades. Designing and building circuits with batteries, lights and components; integrating motors, servos and actuators; and engineering simple and complex control systems are becoming an integral part of classroom-based innovation, computer programming and robotics education.

This 5-hour class will:

  • Provide foundational concepts and math applications for understanding electricity
  • Model opportunities to learn about and build different kinds of circuits and systems
  • Experiential introduce and explore the use of a large variety of electrical components
  • Provide opportunities to design and build simple and complex control systems
  • Show examples of ways to incorporate computer controls, programming and Arduinos
  • Models project-based, engineering and innovation centered models of teaching
  • Incorporate cutting edge materials like conductive paint, thread, linear actuators, etc.
  • Provides time and materials to experiment, develop activities and collaborate


  • Science Discovery Innovation Skills and Technology Short Courses can be held on-campus or at a local school, district, BOCES facility or college
  • Short courses can accommodate teachers, school administrators, aids, other educators and librarians from schools or communities
  • These courses are designed for between 10 and 20 learners
  • This program requires a single room, tables and chairs to accommodate the class size, a screen and access to electricity
  • The CU Science Discovery team will arrive at your school the evening before, or early the morning of programs to set up an extensive set of teaching materials
  • Graduate credit and additional travel fees may apply

For additional information or to begin planning your CU Science Discovery program, please contact Hester Nadel via email or by calling 303.492.8640.