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Empowering the Future: Engineering Renewable Energy Systems and Green Buildings for Upper Elementary and Middle School Practitioners

Ongoing | Ages Adult | $60


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The Empowering the Future teacher professional development workshop combines classes on green building, alternative transportation, wind and solar power to help prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers to meet our current and future energy challenges. Combining standards-based activities and creative student inquiries, this workshop blends engineering and science process skills with cutting-edge technology and innovation in three exciting classes:

Harnessing the Wind: Participants will first become familiar with the concepts, materials and resources available for scientific and engineering inquiries around wind power technology, then practice these concepts in field-tested blade and system design inquiries. Optional extensions include water-based energy storage and pumping, using the energy generated to power simple systems and devices, and applications for electricity/circuits unit planning.

Key Concepts: Wind Power Systems, Science and Engineering Process Skills, Energy Storage

Engineering Green Buildings:  Teams of teacher will explore green building design concepts, methods, materials, as well as conduction, convection and radiation in terms of building efficiency, before conducting an inquiry around improving the thermal efficiency of an existing structure. There are optional activities around passive solar and solar thermal design that can also be included in the workshop.

Key Concepts: Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Energy, Experiment Design and Thermal Energy

Hybrid, Hydrogen and More: This module explores the history of and science behind solar panel technology (solar photovoltaic cells), solar power system design and engineering, energy efficient transportation, fuel-cell technology and other innovations like thermal-electric materials and high-density capacitors that are revolutionizing the way we make and use energy.

Key Concepts: Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Cells, Angles, Measurement, Prediction, Hydrogen and Biofuels


  • $60.00/Participant/Day: Includes a full day of professional development, lesson plans and facilitation guide, digital resources and a letter or certificate documenting 7.5 hours of teacher professional development for district and CDE teacher licensing
  • Travel Outside of Denver Metro Area and Set-Up is Not Included
  • Scholarships and Discounted Programming Available (call to inquire)
  • This workshop requires a room which can be darkened, a screen, 6 or 8 foot tables/chairs for every 4-5 participants and 3 six-foot tables for the instructor/materials/printers

If you have any questions, or would like more information about attending or hosting a CU Science Discovery STEM Workshop, please contact Hester Nadel via email or call 303-492-8640.