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Girls in STEM: Math Mavens- CANCELLED

July 13-17; 1-4pm | Ages 9-11 | $205

Science Learning Laboratory (East Campus)

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Who says girls don’t like Math?! We will look at some of the most famous mathematicians in the world…who happen to be women! Did you know Hypatia was murdered for practicing math in Ancient Egypt? Did you know Pythagoras’ wife was the inspiration for the Pythagorean Theorem. In this camp, we will build our own polygons, play logic games, and even make our own magic squares. This camp is perfect for girls who are interested in math and science. Learn about some amazing women who changed the world!

Age Policy: Careful consideration is used to determine age levels for all camps. To provide the highest quality experience for all students, it is necessary to adhere to the specified age range for this camp.