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Junior Scientist Series

Tuesdays, September 25-December 18 (see below for specific dates); 10am-12pm | Ages 5-7 | $310

Science Learning Laboratory (East Campus)

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Our Junior Scientist Series is designed for budding biologists eager to explore creatures from the stone age to the deepest parts of the sea! The complete series is 12 weeks in length and takes students on an exploratory journey through the worlds of entomology, paleontology and oceanography:

Junior Entomology | Tuesdays, September 25-October 16
Budding Junior Entomologists are invited to investigate the anatomy, life cycles and products we use from insects. Learn to collect and identify insects, and use microscopes to examine amazing body designs found in nature. Join us for an interactive and fun experience into the insect world!

Junior Paleontology | Tuesdays, October 23-November 13
Calling all junior paleontologists: Want to learn about Colorado’s ferocious past? Then this is the class for you! We’ll learn about fossils, how they’re formed, and even make our own dinosaur skeleton molds to take home. We’ll get creative and use pasta to create our own dinosaur fossil bed, and papier mâché to make life-sized dinosaur eggs. Learn what dinosaurs ate, where they lived and how we know so much about them today!

Junior Oceanography | Tuesdays, November 27-December 18
Explore the great mysteries of our ocean ecosystems! Through simple experiments, games, and craft projects, we’ll learn about various marine ecosystems and answer questions like:

  • Why are sharks so awesome?
  • What kinds of bizarre wildlife make the ocean their home?
  • What can survive in the coldest waters on the planet?

Your budding sea explorer won’t want to miss this introduction to the wild world of ocean dynamics.


Out of School Time and Homeschool Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made more than 5 business days prior to the start of the class will incur a $10 administrative fee. NO refunds will be given for cancellations made within 5 business days of the start of the class. Transfer requests made up to 5 days prior to the start of the class will incur a $10 administrative fee. In the event that a class is cancelled by Science Discovery, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee.