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World of Waves: Waves, Technology and Innovation for Upper Elementary and Middle School Practitioners

Ongoing | Ages Adult | $65/person On-campus; $75/person School-based:


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The World of Waves Teacher and Professional Workshop blends cutting-edge science, interactive technology and student-directed inquiry to support the next generation of innovators, scientists and engineers. Driven by Colorado’s Academic Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards, this one-day teacher professional development program incorporates 4th-8th grade content and learning models focused on the fundamental role of waves in science, technology, innovation and CU research in three exciting sections:

Acoustics, Waves and Human Body Systems:
This section is driven by a new conceptualization of the scientific process and models for student inquiry focused on the role of waves in understanding human body systems, specifically sound waves. Teachers will explore how sound waves are propagated and transmitted through hands-on activities for classroom use, explore the relationships between wavelength, frequency and amplitude, as well as new inquiry options and teaching tools.

Making Waves in Earth Science:
Focused on fundamental science and the essential role waves play in understanding the Earth System, this section blends new teaching tools, classroom technologies, and hands-on activities that explore how we measure waves in the Earth Systems, use them to understand the Earth’s internal and external structures, and how waves science drives cutting-edge technology like GPS units.

Waves, Technology and Innovation:
This section blends core technology and engineering content, techniques to promote innovative thinking and hands-on activities using thermal cameras, night vision systems, liquid crystals, pulse-oximeters, lasers and analog/digital signals to demonstrate the importance of innovation and electromagnetic energy in the development of 21st-century tools and technologies.


  • $65/person On-campus; $75/person School-based: Includes a full day of professional development, lesson plans and facilitation guide, digital resources and a letter or certificate documenting 7.5 hours of teacher professional development for district and CDE teacher licensing
  • Travel and set-up are not included
  • Scholarships and discounted programming available (call to inquire)
  • This workshop requires a room which can be darkened, a screen, access to water, tables/chairs for every 4-5 participants and 2 six-foot tables for the instructor/materials.

For additional information or to begin planning your CU Science Discovery program, please contact Hester Nadel via email or by calling 303.492.8640.