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Zombie Survival Camp

June 9-13; 9am-12pm | Ages 11-13 | $195

Science Learning Laboratory (East Campus)

This class is currently FULL.

Join Science Discovery’s zombie survival team and learn how to fight off the impending horde! We will begin our week of special training by learning about real-world examples of “zombies” in the natural world. We’ll examine the neuroscience underlying certain zombie behaviors and check out some of the real diseases that can lead to zombification. We’ll follow that up with wilderness survival skills such as trapping, orienteering, and shelter building. Communication and emergency planning will be key to survival, so learning about radios and emergency broadcast systems is a must. We’ll simulate the spread of a zombie epidemic and conclude with a final battle of humans vs. zombies using our own homemade marshmallow guns!

Age Policy: Careful consideration is used to determine age levels for all camps. To provide the highest quality experience for all students, it is necessary to adhere to the specified age range for this camp.