Monetary donations make it possible for underprivileged students and underfunded teachers to participate in Science Discovery programs throughout Colorado. Please click the link below to make your tax deductible donation today:



If you prefer to donate materials, here are a few examples of items that would be helpful to all of our programs:

  • Kids crafting supplies
  • General office supplies
  • Empty baby food jars (clean)
  • Batteries (all types)
  • Safety glasses (all sizes)
  • Tuning forks (all sizes)
  • Instruments (all types)
  • LEGOs (Technic and base sets)
  • Solar-powered objects (anything with a solar panel can be helpful)
  • GPS units
  • Laptops (usable…no matter how outdated)
  • Digital projectors

Please know that we appreciate any and all donations- no matter how small. If you have something you’re interested in donating but don’t see it on the list, give us a call at 303-492-7188. We might have a use for it!