08/30/2018 | 7pm | CU Boulder's Fiske Planetarium

There are many mysteries in astronomy that have been unsolved for decades. As our computational abilities have improved astronomers have been able to solve certain problems. For other cases, however, the more we know, the more questions we have. Questions about planets, stars, galaxies, and black holes could be solved if we approach them from a new perspective. Humans have a limited ability when it comes to detecting patterns that occur in these astronomical environments; so we turn to intelligent computer programs. We currently use machine learning programs to help predict space weather, solar flare activity, and to classify galaxies. In the future, many other astronomical fields could benefit from the use of probability in machine learning to gain an understanding of the science behind the unsolved mysteries.

Fiske Planetarium’s A Closer Look series offers live talks by knowledgeable presenters about special topics in astronomy and space science. Ranging from supermassive black holes to astrobiology to war and space, these talks explore current and focused topics in an accessible way. (Formerly known as the Colorado Sky series.)

This is one of Fiske Planetarium’s regular talks. Regular ticket prices apply. Groupons can be used too! CU Boulder students are admitted FREE with valid Buff card. Call 303.492.5002 for more information.

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