09/30/2017 | 9:30-10:30am | CU Cristol Chem. 140


September’s CU Wizards will feature Professor Janet deGrazia’s, Go With the Flow!

Professor Janet deGrazia, CU Boulder Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, will delight young science enthusiasts by demonstrating some extraordinary (& perhaps unexpected) properties of fluids!

Did you know that you can use water to start a fire? Or that hydrogen by itself won’t burn, but add enough air and BOOM!!  What happens to a little ethanol in a bottle if we add a wee spark? How can two fluids when mixed together become a solid? How is smelly red cabbage juice especially useful?


CU Wizards is happy to share another new season with you as we explore the exciting worlds of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more.

For over three decades, the CU Wizards program has presented FREE monthly shows that entertain and inform children about the wonders of science. Under the direction of Prof. David Nesbitt, these interactive shows are presented once a month from September through June. They are hosted by renowned University of Colorado, Boulder professors and provide a perfect start to a fun-filled weekend. The shows are geared toward children and young adults in grades 1-9, but all are welcome! Each program lasts about an hour and includes several lively demonstration experiments.

Chief Wizard and Program Director Professor David Nesbitt, along with all of the CU Wizards, welcome you!