04/26/2018 | 7pm, daily | Fiske Planetarium, 2414 Regent Dr, Boulder

Fiske Planetarium Presents: Orion: The Birthplace of Stars and Planets

The winter constellation of Orion contains the nearest stellar and planetary nursery to us where tens of thousands of stars formed in the last ten million years. Dr. Bally will present the latest images from our newest ground-based telescopes such as ALMA and Gemini. Plus, images from the space observatories of Chandra, Spitzer, Herschel, and Hubble which probe regions of Orion from X-rays to the radio portions of the spectrum with unprecedented detail, revealing powerful explosions, outflowing jets of plasma, and the birth-pangs of planetary systems and young stars.

April 26 & 27, 2018 at 7pm

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