06/24/2013 | 5pm | CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences)

Dr. Noah Fierer presents Belly Button Biodiversity: Fascinating Facts about Microbes that Live On and Among Us.

Everybody loves cooties, right?! Dr. Fierer studies the diversity of the bacteria, fungi and other creatures that live on and in our bodies and homes. We don’t usually think of ourselves as habitat, but we are. We have totally different communities living in our eyebrows and armpits. Our microbes help us acquire nutrients, fight food, and may even be used to identify us as individuals, much like DNA. Come learn some gross and amazing facts about our microscopic microbe friends.

Dr. Noah Fierer will present as well as give a tour of his lab. This café will be located at CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences) on CU Main Campus. Click here for directions. Please meet in the Atrium, then proceed to Dr. Fierer’s lab.

The Colorado Teen Science Café provides Boulder-area teens with opportunities to meet and interact with local scientists in a fun and informal setting. Teen Science Café meets monthly in Boulder and Longmont.

This event is free (including dinner!), thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation. The Science Discovery Teen Café is part of the national Teen Science Café Network.

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