12/12/2012 | 9am-3pm | CU Boulder Campus, University Memorial Center

The World of Waves: Technology and Innovation in Life, Earth and Physical Science workshop blends cutting-edge science, interactive technology, student-directed inquiry and research on supporting the next generation of innovators, scientists and engineers. Driven by Colorado’s Academic Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards, this program incorporates content for 4th-8th grade teachers and learners focused on the fundamental role of waves in science, technology, innovation and CU research in three exciting modules:

Acoustics, Signals and Human Body Systems:  This module focuses on the role of waves in human body systems through student-directed inquiry using modern medical technologies and explorations of the fundamental science behind sound waves and hearing.

Making Waves in Earth Science:  Focused on the essential role waves play in understanding the Earth System, plate tectonics and natural disasters, this module blends hands-on activities and fundamental physics with the development of key skills and abilities that innovative people need.  

Electromagnetism, Technology and Innovation: This module blends opportunities for innovative thinking with activities using thermal cameras, night vision systems, lasers and signals in an engaging module focused on the essential role electromagnetic waves play in 21st-century tools and technologies.

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