09/17/2013 | 6:00-7:30 pm | Denver Botanic Gardens

CU Science Discovery’s Teen Café is kicking off in Denver with Paleontologist Dr. Talia Karim of the CU Museum of Natural History. Dr. Karim will talk to us about her research on trilobites, an extinct group of marine arthropods (animals with exoskeletons and segmented bodies) that lived from the Cambrian (~ 510 million years ago) through the Permian period (~ 250 million years ago).  They have been found on virtually every continent and are some of the most well-studied invertebrates from this time period.  Her trilobite work involves studying Ordovician aged (488-446 million years ago) trilobites from southern Oklahoma, western Newfoundland, and the Great Basin.  The study of these extremely diverse and well-preserved animals has allowed important discoveries in the fields of plate tectonics, evolutionary biology and paleontology.