01/16/2019 | 5:30-7pm | CU's Museum of Natural History

The Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research at CU Boulder (INSTAAR) is home to a large number of scientists who conduct research at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Because it’s currently summer in Antarctica, this is the peak of their research season. Our first Café of the new year will feature a live conversation with a few of these scientists studying a wide range of things, including:
  • Topics relevant to space exploration, such as how algae may be used to convert CO2 exhaled by astronauts into oxygen that they can breathe again
  • The life of “extremophiles”–the microscopic organisms that survive in the brutal conditions of Antarctic lakes, streams and soils
  • The impact of climate change on glaciers, sea ice, and the animals that live there. 
We’ll learn some science and get to hear all about what it’s like to work at the bottom of the Earth, how you get there, what you do when it’s bright and sunny all night long, and why everyone has to wear red. Bring your questions and curiosity about the coldest place on planet Earth! 

McMurdo Collage