09/27/2017 | 5:30-7pm | CU's Museum of Natural History I 1030 Broadway St., Boulder, CO 80302


Featured Scientist: Dr. Benjamin Barthel

Topic: The Science of Cancer: Using Genetics, Biochemistry and Medicine to Save Lives

Are you ready for another amazing year of Teen Cafés?

If you’ve ever known someone who’s had to undergo chemotherapy for cancer, you know that it’s a miserable experience. Why does it have to be so difficult and toxic? What are some of the new advancements and active research projects that are working to make cancer therapy more effective and easier for patients?

Our first Café speaker of the Fall 2017 season will be with Dr. Benjamin Barthel, a researcher in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Dr. Barthel will talk about his work in tumor biology and personalized medicine, and the current research to develop new avenues for cancer therapy.

Come and learn about the cutting-edge cancer research happening here on the CU campus!

Cafés are limited to high school teens who are ages 14-18 yrs. old. 

Spread the word about the café—we’d love to see some new faces as we start the new season. If you’re a sophomore, have attended at least two cafés previously, and are interested in joining our Youth Leadership Team, email Alex at alexandra.rose@colorado.edu


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