09/28/2013 | 9am-12pm | Visual Arts Complex Auditorium (Northwest of 18th St. & Euclid Ave)

The walking dead have always been with us, from our earliest stories to the stories we’re going to be telling ourselves tomorrow. Yes, George Romero re-invented the zombie, but there have been a lot of re-inventions through the ages, and there’s some going on right now. Why are we so fascinated with and compelled to experience these zombie stories, though? Do they serve a purpose?

For these three hours, through lecture and discussion, images and video clips, we’ll trace the zombie as it shambles through the ages, and finally, for better or for worse, catches up with us.

Stephen Graham Jones is a professor in the English department. Jones has been an NEA Fellow, a Texas Writers League Fellow, and has won the Texas Institute of Letters Award for Fiction and the Independent Publishers Multicultural Award. Professor Jones’ areas of interest–aside from fiction writing–are horror, science fiction, fantasy, film, comics, pop culture, technology, and American Indian Studies. Jones received his BA in English and Philosophy from Texas Tech University, his MA in English from the University of North Texas, and his PhD from Florida State University. Jones has authored 15 books so far; those of interest for this CU on the Weekend class might be Zombie Bake-Off, Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth, or his forthcoming The Gospel of Z. However, Dr. Jones is into all horror, not just zombies. Werewolves and slashers are his two great loves, probably.

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