Not all great science happens in a laboratory.  In fact, much of it happens in the natural settings that surround us.  Science Discovery offers multiple programs that connect students to nature while involving them in field research across a range of disciplines.

Summer Mountain Research Experience

Science Discovery’s summer field course enables high school students to design and conduct their own field research projects while living and working at CU’s Mountain Research Station.  High school students spend one week at the field station, learning about current CU research and working with NSF-supported undergraduates (in the Mountain Research Station’s REU program) on short-term projects. Click here for more information.

Summer Camps

Numerous summer camps enable students to participate in hands-on science outside.  Search our camp list for favorite Field Camps such as Boulder Rocks, Life in Ponds and Streams, and Wild in the Woods.

Day-Off Programs

Looking to get outside on a day off from school?  Science Discovery frequently takes groups of students on one-day trips to Rocky Mountain National Park or other geologically or ecologically interesting spots.  Search our classes for Day-Off Classes such as Winter Ecology on Snowshoes or Rocky Mountain Winter Adventures.

Teacher Mountain Research Experience

Spend a few days up at CU’s Mountain Research Station and work with scientists on this residential field course. Teachers will work in small research teams with Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory (BcCZO) faculty and graduate student researchers for three days to explore current BcCZO research questions and learn about their field work. Throughout this experience, teachers will receive support in developing plans to integrate CZO science into their classes. For more information, click here.