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CU Science Discovery’s Homeschool Programs offer a wide range of exciting classes throughout the school year. You will find an extensive array of classes designed to ignite creative learning during typical school day hours. It’s a great way to stay connected to CU Science Discovery and its programs.

Science Action Club
Science Action Club (SAC) is a nationwide STEM program for middle school youth in out-of-school time. Through games, projects, and hands-on activities, youth in SAC use citizen science to explore nature, connect with scientists, and design strategies to protect our planet. Citizen science is a global movement in which scientists and the general public collaborate to answer some of the most pressing questions about our planet. Many big scientific questions require more data than one single scientist, or even a team of scientists, could collect. Through citizen science, anyone can learn the process of science and make valuable contributions.

SAC collaborates with national partners to deliver high-quality after school programming that includes citizen science projects from iNaturalistCornell Lab of Ornithology, and NASA and GLOBE Observer.

Science Discovery brings SAC to students in Out of School Time and Homeschool program formats.

Please register promptly in order to avoid class cancellations.

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