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After-School Classes
CU Science Discovery’s After-School Programs offer a wide range of exciting classes throughout the school year. You will find an extensive array of classes to ignite creative learning after school. It’s a great way to stay connected to CU Science Discovery and its programs! Please register promptly in order to avoid class cancellations.

Upon request, we are able to partner with Boulder and Denver metro area schools to bring our program on-site.

Day-Off and Holiday Break Classes
School may be out but CU Science Discovery is in! Our day-off and holiday classes offer all of the same benefits of a traditional summer or after-school class but in a more condensed time frame. Please register promptly in order to avoid class cancellations.

For additional information regarding any of the above-mentioned classes or to bring CU Science Discovery to your school, please contact Anna McClelland via email or by calling 303-492-7328.