Looking to do some fun science at home? We’ll be using this page to share some of our favorite do-it-at-home experiments and activities!

Shadow Fun

On Groundhog Day, a simple shadow can mean 6 more weeks of winter! Take some time during this groundhog month to explore shadows. Watch how your shadows move when you walk, hop and dance, and compare your shadows at different times of day. Interested in playing with your shadow inside? Make shadow casts on a wall by making different shapes with your hands in front of a lamp. How do you make your shadow bigger or smaller? What kinds of shapes can you make? You can even play with shadowcasting online!

Put it all together with a shadow play! Use your hands to make shadows or make simple shadow puppets with paper, toys and other objects. Click here for instructions to make a shadow puppet theater out of a cereal box!

For more advanced shadow play, try mixing colored shadows with this great Exploratorium activity.


ZOOM- By Kids, For Kids!

Zoom (Public Broadcasting System, 1999-2005) was an educational television series created almost exclusively by children. The idea behind the interactive series was to “turn off the television and do it!” Kids were inspired to become active investigators, creators, and problem-solvers through asking questions, creating, experimentation and sharing their results with Zoom viewers. Click here for a list of cool science experiments that you can perform at home!