21st Century Life Science  (Grades 4-8)

Resources for teachers for this STEM Workshop includes presentation tools, videos and links.

Climate Change Lessons and Resources  (Grades: 5-12)

Make the Global Local with these model lessons developed, tested and approved by Colorado teachers. Model lessons include:

  • Evidence of Climate Change
  • Pine Beetles
  • Zoo Poo

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)  (Grades: K-12)

Through interdisciplinary education ond outreach, CIRES combines rigorous science with innovative teaching practices. This resource provides exemplary science education for K-12 school districts, teachers and students, undergraduates at CU and elsewhere, and various community groups.

CU Department of Physics Lecture Series

Physics presentations and lectures by CU professors on their research geared for high school juniors and seniors.

CU Physics Interactive Simulations

Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

CU Wizards (Grades 5-9)

Introduce students to various topics in science, including chemistry and physics.  The CU Wizards schedule changes yearly; see our events page for upcoming programs.

Earth Systems Science: Exploring Change in the Critical Zone  (Grades: 5-8)

This page includes a wealth of earth systems science education resources, including the full curriculum guide to our 2011-12 Science Explorers workshop.

Engineering is Everywhere  (Grades 4-8)

Teacher Resources for our 2013-2014 Engineering is Everywhere STEM Workshop including presentation tools, lesson plans and links.

Exploring Physical Science (Grades 4-8)


Physics for Fun (Grades 4-8)

Learn and teach about various topics in physics, including electricity, convection, sound, light, and force and motion. This page includes several resources, such as an activities guide and videos.