Are you looking for help in your efforts to reach broader public audiences with your research? Then you’ve come to the right place! CU Science Discovery is here to help. We consider your job to be the expert in research, and our job to be the experts in education and outreach. Don’t stress about creating your proposal or how to get started. Reach out to us before you begin writing your proposal, and we’d be happy to help provide guidance.

How to get started:

Approximately 2 months prior to your proposal submission deadline, before you begin putting pen to paper, contact Alexandra Rose. She is available to help guide you through the Broader Impacts process and give you suggestions on how we can help.

Some things to consider prior to reaching out to us:

  • It is necessary to connect with us approximately 2 months prior to your proposal submission deadline. This is imperative for allowing enough time to adequately work through the details of your proposal.
  • Who is your audience? Are you looking to share your research with kindergarteners, high school students or the public at large? This helps determine the direction your Broader Impacts proposal will take.
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to your Broader Impacts efforts? Are there others in your lab that can help?
  • What is your Broader Impacts budget?

Ready to get started creating your Broader Impacts proposal? Please contact Alexandra Rose via email.