CU Science Discovery’s Professional Development Programs provide K-12 teachers with curricula, materials and resources to enrich STEM learning across Colorado in a variety of models. We offer a variety of development opportunities for teachers, pre-service learners and paraprofessionals throughout the year. Our programs feature engaging activities, hands-on learning, cutting-edge content from across the university community and opportunities for collaboration, classroom integration and customized applications. Participating teachers receive curricula, standards correlations and classroom tools, a letter and certificate of completion documenting professional development hours for CDE re-licensure, or in some cases, graduate credit from CU Continuing Education.

Upcoming Teacher Professional Development Workshops:

July 18, 2015:  Space Science and Astronomy for Upper Elementary and Middle School Practitioners 

August 7-9, 2015:  2015 Teacher Mountain Research Experience 

October 3, 2015:  World of Waves for Upper Elementary and Middle School Practitioners 

October 24, 2015:  Engineering is Everywhere for Upper Elementary and Middle School Practitioners 

Click the cover image below to download our 2014-2015 School and Teacher Programs catalog. 








For more information about CU Science Discovery’s Teacher Professional Development Program, please contact Hester Nadel via email or call 303-492-8640.