Boulder Teen Science Café Schedule

April 2018

Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Location: CU Boulder’s Museum of Natural History, BioLounge
Speakers: Early career professionals from 8 different STEM fields
Topic: Science Speed Dating: Find Your Science Soulmate


Prom? Graduation? Final exams? Forget about those minor end of the school-year rituals! It’s time again for the 3rd Annual Science Speed Dating Café!

For our last café of the school year, we invite you to join us for something quirky and different–the chance to chat with early career researchers in the fields of:

  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering — synthesizing polymers for disease diagnosis!
  • Bioastronautics — spacesuits for Mars! 
  • Mechanical Engineering — air quality in nail salons!
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology — microbiome of caterpillars! 
  • Psychology — development of impulse regulation and self-control in children!
  • Computer Science — using social media to measure the social costs of natural disasters!

Why choose one when you can be curious about them all?

We will start the night out with a nutty session of Pictionary-Cranium-Scattergories-inspired science trivia designed by the youth leadership team, followed by Science Speed Dating, where small groups of Café attendees will spend approximately 10 minutes with each scientist learning what they are passionate about and what it takes to be successful in their fields.

This Café is TWO HOURS in length to allow time for science trivia and socializing with Café friends and scientists. Don’t miss the chance to meet your Science Soul Mate! Oh, and there will be pizza!




Teen Cafés are for students aged 14-18.

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